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Epic Standard Fly Rods

One colour, no custom options. 100% Original Epic Components and Blanks.

Epic Studio Fly Rods are world famous and belong to the very best rods out there. Now the Epic Standard Fly Rods offer you a possibility to enter the world of these great fly rods at a pretty attractive price point!

We stock these ready buildt rods in Germany and ship to any desired destination within just a few days. 

476 FastGlass II

The Happy Stick

Some people say, glass rods are fun. If you agree, this rod brings you straight to heaven!

It’s so light and smooth, but still incredibly tough and powerful, when you need it. Pure joy to fish this stick for small and medium sized trout, grayling or whatever crosses your line.

Like all of our FastGlass rods it’s capable to handle a wide range of line weights.

580 FastGlass II

The Trout Bum

To fit inbetween ‘The Happy Stick’ and ‘The Legend’ is a tough goal.

The 580 FastGlass II masters it with ease. There’s no question of either / or. You’ve just got to love them all!

The 580 is the perfect choice when fishing for bigger trout in small waters. Short enough to cast in tight spaces, strong enough to play big fish. Still throws a long line, if necessary.

686 FastGlass II

The Legend / MVF

No questions asked – this is what we call the Most Versatile Flyrod! If you need to pick 1 rod to do it all, this is it:

Perfect for medium streamer and nymph fishing, it will still deliver decent dry fly presentations on light lines.

As soon as you rig a heavy rope, the 686 will suit you as a reliable weapon on your pike or saltwater adventure!

590C Gen2 NanoTech

The Favourite

Sure, Epic Fly Rods is closely related to the worlds best glass rods and the carbons are overlooked sometimes.

But – believe it or not – this rod has to be considered when looking for the best carbon stick!

The 590C is light and crisp, it throws a long line accurately and delivers in close delicately. Try one yourself! 

690C Gen2 NanoTech

The Power Horse

Similar to the 590C this 690C has a pleasing fast, but not too stiff action. It is incredibly thin and light, but has the guts to throw your full line into the wind!

Unlike the 590C it is equiped with a fighting but and a large full wells cork. Making it perfect for fresh and salt water conditions!

To us it’s simply the best 6wt carbon rod in the world.

8130DH Gen2 NanoTech

The Travel Master

Have you ever thought about traveling with a DH setup? Buing this crappy multi piece rod for your long awaited trip? Not great. Paying loads of cash for extra size luggage? Not much better..

The 8130DH offers you the chance to fish your dream rod at any place you want! It’s one of the best DH rods available and unlike the others it packs down to the size of a regular 9ft 4pc. Not a joke!

Rod Specs

476 FGII

€ 499,-

VAT incl.

  • Parts: 4
  • Weight: 92g
  • Action: Mid Flex
  • Taper: Fast
  • Snub Nose Cork

580 FGII

€ 499,-

VAT incl.

  • Parts: 4
  • Weight: 107g
  • Action: Mid Flex
  • Taper: Fast
  • Half Wells Cork

686 FGII

€ 499,-

VAT incl.

  • Parts: 4
  • Weight: 122g
  • Action: Mid Flex
  • Taper: Fast
  • Half Wells Cork + FB


€ 549,-

VAT incl.

  • Parts: 4
  • Weight: 82g
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Taper: Medium Fast
  • Half Wells Cork


€ 549,-

VAT incl.

  • Parts: 4
  • Weight: 93g
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Taper: Medium Fast
  • Full Wells Cork + FB


€ 599,-

VAT incl.

  • Parts: 6
  • Weight: 216g
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Taper: Medium Fast
  • DH Cork and Reargrip

Wow. Sounds like great fly rods. But I’ve got questions!

Do you sell the same rods like Swift Fly Fishing Company of New Zealand?

Not really. Swift sells ‘Epic Studio Buildt Fly Rods’. Each one is made to order in NZ. We offer ‘Epic Standard Fly Rods’, these are factory made by the producer of the Epic blanks.

What’s the difference from an Epic Studio Fly Rod?

Blanks are the same, but there’s no custom options. The Epic Standard Fly Rods are offered in one configuration only. To have your rod customized, please order an Epic Studio Fly Rod directly from Swift NZ.

Are these rods made in New Zealand?

No. The idea behind this project is to provide you with Epic rods at a lower price. Therefor these rods are made by a top of the line factory in Korea. It’s the same factory, that produces ALL Epic fly rod blanks.

Are these rods made from the same materials like the Epic Studio Builds?

Yes, almost. The blanks are the same and the Snake Brand guides as well. The cork may vary here and there, the real seat is a special Epic design with fibre glass inserts.  

Is it really the same blanks? REALLY?

YES!! There is only 1 factory in the world producing Epic Fly Rod Blanks. These rods are made in this factory.

Is this offer authorized by Swift Fly Fishing Company?

Sure. Feel free to drop us a line, or reach out to Swift in case of any concerns. 

Do the rods come with a rod tube?

Sure – all our Epic Standard Fly Rods are supplied with original Epic rod sock and fibre glass rod tube! 

Do these rods come with warranty?

Yes, absolutely! Please just browse to the Warranty section to register your purchase. Thanks.

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    Each rod/blank is labeled with a unique serial number. Please register your purchse directly with Swift NZ to qualify for support in case of need. 


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